Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

1 - What is included?
   An inclusions list is able to be downloaded from the House designs page. Inclusions vary between smaller and larger homes. If you would like any clarifications please don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants.
2 - What is an easement?
   An easement is a portion of the land unable to be built upon usually due to stormwater or sewerage piping. Easements are indicated by dotted lines on the plan of sub-division.
3 - How long does it take to build?
   Homes are usually completed within 12 to 16 weeks with allowances for weather etc.
4 - Which house can I have on which block?
   Depending on the covenants/building guidelines and the size of house/block determines which house can be built on which block. To find out if the floor plan your interested in can be put on a certain block feel free to contact one of our qualified consultants.
5 - What is a covenant?
   A covenant is a building guideline/restriction which determines what you can build on certain blocks. Covenants vary between different estates and councils. To find out if the area your interested in has any covenants please enquire through one of our qualified staff.
6 - What is a crossover?
   A crossover is a different name for a driveway. Usually indicated on the plan of subdivision.
7 - Can a crossover be moved?
   Crossovers can be moved if the construction on the land hasn't already commenced. Additional driveways can be added if requested by the purchaser.